A New Project On The Bond Ribber

My house isn’t very warm in the Winter, even with the heating on, so I always end up wearing extra layers of clothes. The last couple of years I’ve been resorting to wearing what I refer to as ‘my big cardi’ on top of whatever I’ve got on. It’s not really a cardi, it’s an old dressing gown. It does keep me warm but I always feel a bit daft sitting in the house wearing a dressing gown over my clothes.

Anyway, I decided that this Winter I am going to have a proper ‘big cardi’. I went to Boyes in town and bought six 100g balls of their value aran. I realise now that I won’t have enough so I’ll have to go and buy another couple of balls.

I set up the dreaded Bond Ribber. I had intended to knit the cardi in a 4×2 rib but then I decided it might look a bit boring (like it matters when I’m only going to be wearing it in the house) so I did ten rows of 4×2 rib then rearranged the needles so that the two rib stitches were now at the centre of the four main bed stitches and the 4×2 rib was shifted along, like this:

pattern 1

I swatched and created a pattern using Knitware for a thigh length cardigan with a V neck, changing the width of the bands to 4 inches. I don’t really know how the bands will work out as I’m doing them horizontal and there aren’t enough needles on the machine to knit it as the pattern tells me to. I’ll have to do it in sections and hope I can do a neat job of the joins.

Of course, this being the Bond Ribber I didn’t get off to a good start. It had it’s usual sulking fit, wouldn’t knit stitches, dropped stitches, jammed, kept throwing tantrums (the machine, not me although I did invent some new swear words). About a third of the way through knitting the back it finally relented and agreed to co operate which meant I could get the knitting done a bit quicker. It’s still missing the odd stitch every few rows but on the whole it’s knitting as it should.

This is the back:

Cardi back

I pinned it to the dummy so you can see the effect of the stitch pattern. I thought it would be all rectangles but as you can see, where it isn’t stretched it looks almost like cables. That was unplanned but I think it looks quite effective. Please excuse the poor quality photos, it was a bit gloomy when I took them.

Here’s the unstretched pattern close up:

pattern 2

It’s quite time consuming as the needles have to be rearranged every ten rows but I’m getting there. I’ve knitted one front -

Cardi front

and I’m just under half way through the second one. I might get one sleeve knitted before I need to go and buy some more wool. I know the dye lots are probably not going to match but there’s not much I can do about it now.

I’ll post some more photos when I eventually get it finished.