First Jumper On The Toyota K510

tuck stitch jumper

For my first attempt at knitting a jumper on the Toyota K510 I used a tuck stitch pattern from the instruction manual which is referred to as open pattern knitting. Every fourth needle is left out of work then the middle needle in each group of three is pushed forward to holding position for three rows, then all three in each group are knitted for three rows. This is repeated throughout.

The yarn is from Poundworld. It wasn’t until I got it home that I realised some balls were thicker than others and were different shades – you get what you pay for. The white and two of the light blues were like a thin DK and the rest of the light blue was like a 4ply so not too much of a difference but enough to be noticable. I made the tension swatch using the thicker of the light blues and created the pattern using Knitware.

The front and back are in the thicker yarn apart from the very top part above the white. The sleeves are in the thinner yarn. I think it turned out alright apart from the neckband which isn’t one of my better efforts:


I’m used to using a ribber and just knitting the neckband then casting off. This machine doesn’t have a ribber so I did a mock rib folded band which I oversewed into place on the right side. It doesn’t look awful but it doesn’t look great either.

I added an inch to the length of the sleeves when I created the pattern as sometimes my sleeves are a little shorter than I’d like them. As it turns out these are a bit too long. I don’t know if it’s because of the difference in tension between the thinner and thicker yarns or if it’s because I did a different style of sleeve than normal. Usually I do a medium taper sleeve, this time I did a modified lantern sleeve. It’s not a problem though as I can fold the cuffs back if I need to.

All in all I think the jumper turned out alright for a first attempt on this machine.