V Neck Jumper With Button Front And Three Quarter Length Sleeves


This was knitted from a pattern in the August 1958 edition of Modern Knitting. I followed these instructions to create a Knit Radar pattern and knitted the jumper on the SK280.

This is what the original jumper looks like:

Modern Knitting mag Aug 1958

The yarn I used is  Bramwell 4ply acrylic which I found in a charity shop for £3.99.

For the stitch pattern I used punchcard number 4 from the basic set with the carriage set on tuck stitch.

Tuck Stitch Pattern

You can’t tell from the photos but the jumper is slightly shaped, it’s knitted straight from the hem to the waist then there are increases from the waist up to the armhole shaping.

The finishing instructions in the magazine are a bit vague, as they often are in these old magazines with instructions to ‘sew in place as shown’. This threw me a bit as when sewing the front bands in place I expected them to join at the back neck but they don’t, they only go as far as the shoulders. What hadn’t helped was that I’d knitted the bands far too long as I’d forgotten to change the row setting on the Knit Radar after knitting the tuck stitch which was 52 rows to 4 inches – the stocking stitch was only 40 rows to 4 inches. I re-knitted them twice before I realised why they were going wrong! I should have known that it’s impossible for me to knit a jumper without making at least one silly mistake.

This is the first time I’ve actually used a Knit Radar pattern that I’ve created from a written pattern and I’m pleased to say that it does work. I will definitely be using this pattern again. I’ve been looking through the old magazines and found a few things that I wouldn’t mind trying to knit so I’ll be making some more Knit Radar patterns and giving them a go.