Update On The Cardi

I went to Boyes on Monday for two more balls of the cream Aran but they had none. I called in again on Friday but they still had none so I bought two balls in a light stone colour instead.

I have started knitting the front bands, each one needs to be done in two sections as the Bond doesn’t have enough needles to do each one all in one piece.

Here’s how it looks now:


The two sections of the band are only pinned together at the moment, hopefully the join will look better when I’ve sewn it.

In a way I’m glad that I had to buy a different colour for the bands, I think it makes a nice contrast. You can see a line of uneven stitches a few rows in on the top part of the band. That’s where the Bond rubber decided it was going to play silly buggers. I’m hoping once it’s washed it might even itself out a bit.

I’m sorry if the photo is a bit big, I’m posting this from my new iPad and haven’t yet figured out how to reduce the size of photos. I’ll edit it later on the laptop if I need to.