Blue And White Cardigan

I knitted this on the Toyota 787 in Marriner 4 ply acrylic using the schematics from this pattern.

I should probably have made buttonholes on one of the bands but I’m lazy and didn’t bother so I’ve bought some clear press studs which I’ll sew on when I can build up the enthusiasm. I was hoping I’d get away without any fastenings but after trying it on It definitely needs some and the clear press studs seemed the best thing to use. I may sew some buttons on just for effect when I have it fastened.

The sleeves are three quarter length but I would have preferred full length. I should have altered the schematic when I drew it on the Knit Tracer pattern sheet but I never thought to until after I’d knitted it. Too late then and I wasn’t going to re-do it so three quarter length they’ll have to stay.

I’m still enjoying playing with this machine, I haven’t tried everything out on it yet but I will do eventually. I bought a colour changer for it which I haven’t set up yet as there weren’t any instructions with it but once I find some that will be another thing for me to play with.

Now I’ve just got to decide what to make with this cone of lilac yarn that’s sitting here taunting me.

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just a quick message for those of you who follow me on Facebook.

I now have a new Facebook account and my old one has been deleted. If you’d like to continue following me you can find me here

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Attaching A Ribbed Neckband

Just a short video showing how I attached a neckband using the Toyota 787.


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Two More Finished Items

This is the last cut and sew jumper I’ll be doing for a while. It turned out much better than the abandonned one which is still in the cupboard waiting for me to sort out. This one I tried really hard to get right and I think it looks alright apart from the neck which is a bit lopsided. The bottom hem and cuffs have elastic threaded through them which makes them fit better. Even though this one ended up OK I still don’t think my sewing skills are good enough for cut and sew but I may try it again at some time in the future.

This was knitted in Marriner 4ply acrylic on the Toyota 787. I found a top I liked in an old Modern Knitting magazine and copied the scematics to use on the Knit Tracer. I’m especially pleased with how the neckband came out as lately I seem to be having a bit of trouble with them.


I have enough of the white left to make another short sleeved top so I may do that next. Or maybe I’ll knit a cardigan, I can’t make my mind up. One thing’s for certain though, it won’t be cut and sew.

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Image Post


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