Stripes And Tuck Stitch

I saw a jumper on a website, I think it could have been Bon Prix. It was striped and it appeared to be knitted with a fancy stitch pattern. I looked closely at it and came to the conclusion that maybe it wasn’t a stitch pattern but some kind of uneven yarn. Here is a cropped section of the photo, what do you think?

Anyway, this put the idea into my head to knit a striped jumper with a ‘fancy’ stitch pattern. My thought was to do it in tuck stitch using the plain side as the right side so I tried card 3 from the basic Silver Reed set.

I used Marriner 4ply and knitted the swatch at T10. When I knitted the swatch I knitted 30 rows in navy and 30 rows in white which meant The colour change was in the middle of a pattern repeat. However, when I knitted the actual jumper I did 32 rows of each colour (4 pattern repeats) which is what gives the stripes the wavy appearance. I didn’t realise this was going to happen so it came out looking better than I had expected. In the swatch the stripes were straight, not wavy.

The seams were a bit of a nightmare to sew up because of the tuck stitches but I got there eventually.

Apparently stripes are in this Spring so for once I’m ‘trendy’. (Do people still say “trendy” or am I showing my age now?)

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My jumper progress has stalled for the usual reason, I need to do some sewing up before I can knit the neckband. I hate sewing up. Maybe tomorrow……..


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Testing The Toyota 787

Today I had a go at testing out the push button patterning on the Toyota 787. It was very easy to do but I don’t think it will be something I do very often, I have become too used to using punchcards for patterning – they are so much quicker.

I followed the examples in the instruction manual to produce these simple fair isle patterns:


Then I tried some tuck stitch:


I then tested out a punchcard as I want to put the pattern on the front of a jumper:

My plan is to make a saddle shoulder jumper in white with black as the contrast colour on the front. I can’t decide whether to do the neckband, cuffs and waistband in black or white, I’ll have to think about it. I’ve already knitted and washed my tension swatch and am just waiting for it to dry before I take the measurements. I’m going to create the pattern using Knitware but I think I’ll also draw the schematics onto a Knit Leader sheet and possibly also a Knit Radar sheet for future use. I really like the look of the saddle shoulder jumpers that I’ve already knitted from Knitware patterns and I’ll probably be making a few more so it makes sense for me to use the charting devices rather than having to create new set of instructions each time. Besides which, I hardly ever turn on the laptop these days, I do almost everything on the ipad as it’s so much more convenient and quicker. I only wish there had been a Knitware ipad app produced before its demise but unfortunately there wasn’t. Never mind, we can’t have everything, can we?

I’ll be making a start on the jumper some time during this week so I’ll probably post updates as I go.

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Jumper With Intarsia Star


I found ten balls of light blue yarn in a charity shop for £2. I thought they were 50g balls so there would have been enough to make a jumper for me but when I got them home I realised they were only 20g balls, enough for the back and front of a jumper so I would have to make the sleeves using leftovers.

A few months ago a lady called Anne very kindly gave me an intarsia yarn brake so I decided I would try it out. I found some instructions online and searched for an intarsia chart to use. I decided I wanted to put a white star on the front of the jumper and found this one.

I knitted the back first, it was done on the Silver Reed SK280 using the Knit Radar. Once I knew how many rows there were up to the armholes I was able to work out when to place the chart when I knitted the front. I found it very easy to thread up and use the yarn brake and it made it easier to knit each row because I didn’t have to keep hold of all the ends as I moved the intarsia carriage along.

I made a couple of mistakes when I was following the chart but they aren’t really noticable so nobody would know. Here is a closer view of the star:

For the sleeves I just used what I had left over. After I’d knitted them I thought the lilac looked out of place, it didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the colours very well so I decided to add some to the neckband thinking it would kind of pull the colours together. I’m not sure if that worked too well but it is what it is and I don’t think it looks too bad.

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