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Attaching A Ribbed Neckband

Just a short video showing how I attached a neckband using the Toyota 787.


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Two More Finished Items

This is the last cut and sew jumper I’ll be doing for a while. It turned out much better than the abandonned one which is still in the cupboard waiting for me to sort out. This one I tried really hard to get right and I think it looks alright apart from the neck which is a bit lopsided. The bottom hem and cuffs have elastic threaded through them which makes them fit better. Even though this one ended up OK I still don’t think my sewing skills are good enough for cut and sew but I may try it again at some time in the future.

This was knitted in Marriner 4ply acrylic on the Toyota 787. I found a top I liked in an old Modern Knitting magazine and copied the scematics to use on the Knit Tracer. I’m especially pleased with how the neckband came out as lately I seem to be having a bit of trouble with them.


I have enough of the white left to make another short sleeved top so I may do that next. Or maybe I’ll knit a cardigan, I can’t make my mind up. One thing’s for certain though, it won’t be cut and sew.

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Image Post


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No More Cut And Sew

As the title says, no more cut and sew for me! I have just abandonned in disgust a cut and sew top I was making. No matter what I do I just can’t seem to be able to get it right. I bought some soluble stabiliser to stop the seams from flaring out and going all wavy. That worked OK but not when I hemmed the bottom. What a mess. I’ve decided it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

I have a length of fabric that I knitted last week with the intention of making a jacket or jumper, I will see what happens with this one but I think it will be my last cut and sew attempt apart from the odd neckline here and there. I was going to make so many things, I read books and websites on the subject but I think my skills on the sewing machine just aren’t good enough for me to achieve decent results.

Oh well, at least I gave it a go.

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