Zip Up Jacket

I finished the zip up jacket/cardi. It knitted up longer than I thought it would but that’s OK.

In the photos I had just tacked the zip into place to get an idea of how it would look. I have since sewn it in properly. It was supposed to have a collar but I didn’t think I would have enough wool so just did a neckband instead.

I thought the sleeves would be annoying as I usually wear ribbed cuffs and these are just folded hems and are quite wide. They are better like this as I’ll probably be wearing it over a jumper in the Winter so the wider sleeves will, I think, be more comfortable.

Shame I didn’t have enough wool for pockets – where will I put my hankie?

Talk to you later,


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A Quick Update

I bought 600g of Marriners Twister DK not really knowing what I was going to make with it. I knitted up a tension swatch on the Silver Reed SK280 at T9.

I thought about maybe knitting a jumper with a shawl collar to keep me warm in the Winter but changed my mind. Then I remembered I have a Knit Radar pattern that I’ve never used, I’m not even sure where I got it from. It must have been bundled with magazines or pattern books from one of the many Ebay purchases I have made over the years.

Now don’t laugh at it, I know the drawings are way out of proportion! What’s with those tiny heads? Anyway, I am knitting item no.3 only I’m putting a zip in rather than buttons. I probably didn’t buy enough wool to make the pockets as there is very little left and I have yet to knit the collar. I may not knit a collar, I may just do a neckband. I found a zip in my sewing box that is the exact length and it’s navy blue so it will be OK. I have no idea why I originally bought this zip, it was probably for some abandonned project years ago.

I knitted the back, both fronts and one sleeve yesterday and today I have knitted the second sleeve. I won’t be doing any more today as I did that thing that us machine knitters do from time to time. You know, that thing where you rake your finger over a needle hook and gouge a chunk of skin out of your finger end and there’s blood and pain. Oh how I laughed. I was just finisheng casting off the sleeve.

After I’d put a plaster on my finger I decided to take that as signal to call it a day. I will post another update when there’s more to show you.

Talk to you later,


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Letting Things Go

I may regret this but here goes.

I have been having a really good think about this and have come to the conclusion that I have far too much knitting machine “stuff.”

However, I don’t really want to put things on ebay and I don’t have the packaging (or the inclination) to send things by courier. So, if anyone would like any of the things I am letting go you would need to collect them and my location in the UK isn’t the most convenient as I live all the way up in the north east.

I was very kindly given by Karen a fantastic Toyota 787. It is a wonderful machine (the dog’s dangly bits) but I’ve hardly used it. Each time I have used it I’ve forgotten how to and have to re-learn what to do. I always end up back on the Silver Reed because it’s the same as the Knitmaster – the first metal bed machine I had – and I can get going with that straight away (most of the time) without having to sit with the manual. The Toyota deserves to be used, not just sitting there idle covered by a sheet. So I’m letting it go. There is a ribber with it and a Knit Tracer. I bought a colour changer for it which I’ve never even had out of the box. To be honest I don’t even know if it’s the right one for that machine. There is a lace carriage but I don’t know if it’s working. I want someone to have this machine, someone who knows how to use a machine and will make good use of it.

Stored under the bed I have a Knitmaster 700. The last time I used it (goodness knows how long ago) it was working. However, I modified the carriage slightly. I thought I could use it on another Knitmaster machine but needed to remove the row counter tripper. I can’t remember if it worked on the other Knitmaster or if I ever replaced the tripper – I haven’t opened it up to have a look.

I have a Knitmaster 302 with a ribber. You can see this machine in action in some of my videos. Last time I used it, it was working OK.

I have a Toyota 510 which is a very basic machine and a Singer KE-1200 which has a dented case. It knits plain OK but there’s a problem with the patterning.

I also have a vintage Orion double bed machine which I cleaned up and got working but never gets used, it just stays under the bed with the rest of them.

I have a case containing (if I remember correctly) two Knitmaster 4500 needlebeds with no needles and a Ribmaster, again with no needles. I would have to get them out and check but I’m pretty sure they are all needle-less.

Then there’s another case full of bits of machines – spare carriages, sinker plates, needles etc. I can’t remember which machines all of them came from, I’ve been keeping them as spares “just in case.”

On top of that I have accessories from my machines that didn’t get put back in the appropriate places and now I don’t know which machines they belong to. My head’s in bits trying to sort this lot out!

I really feel the time has come now to be honest with myself and admit that I won’t use all these machines that I’ve been hoarding. I am keeping my Silver Reed, Singer 2400, Knitmaster 4500 and of course my Bond – I would never part with that. All the machines under the bed are just collecting dust. I pulled them all out a few weeks ago, dusted them off, Hoovered under the bed then put them all back again. What’s the point of that? They need to go. If nobody wants them I’ll ask one of the charity shops if they want to take them. If none of the charity shops want them then I’ll just give them to the rag and bone man which would break my heart to do but they need to go. I’m giving it until the end of the year.

I think some time this week I might take a few photos of everything that I’m letting go of. If anyone wants anything please let me know but like I said, you would have to collect it.

My email address is susanranson64[at]aol[dot]com (replace the words in brackets with the appropriate symbols).

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Talk to you later,


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Finished The Jumper

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Sewing Up

All the parts of my jumper are knitted and I’m in the middle of doing the bit that I dislike the most – sewing it up.


Since taking the photo I’ve sewn in the second sleeve, sewn up one side seam and half of one sleeve seam. I have to keep stopping because my hands keep cramping up (it’s an age thing). I’ll get there eventually. Once I’ve finished it I’ll post a photo.

Talk to you later,


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