>Not Much More To Do

>I got the second sleeve finished tonight so there’s not much more to do now. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to make the pocket and the belt.

My Rant

Yes, I’m going to have a rant. Knitting snobs. When I first got my Bond knitting machine just over 20 years ago I went to a local machine knitting shop to buy some yarn. As it was a shop for machine knitting supplies I assumed that the lady would have been able to help me with my choice of yarn, after all, I was new to machine knitting. “So, which machine have you got?” she asked me, all smiles. “A Bond” I replied, thinking she would point me in the right direction. Well her attitude changed straight away. “Oh. Well, of course that’s not a proper knitting machine.” She wasn’t smiling anymore, she was looking down her nose at me. I didn’t understand what she was getting at, I mean the Bond is a proper knitting machine – it knits the rows automatically when you pass the carriage across. Isn’t that what other machines do? So I meekly said “isn’t it?” “Oh no” she replied, “it’s a knitting frame, it’s a completely different thing.” Well, she really made me feel stupid. All I wanted was some wool to make myself a jumper. I did buy a cone of DK but I never went back to that shop. That was the first time I had met a knitting snob. But as they say ‘what goes around comes around’, that shop is no longer trading, hasn’t been for years – but my Bond is still going strong. Not bad considering it’s not a proper knitting machine. I wonder how many more people were treated like that?

My next encounter with knitting snobs came when I got a job in the wool department in a local store. Because I was a new member of staff, some of the customers who’d been going there for years would chat to me and ask if I was a knitter. “Yes, but I don’t hand knit, it takes me too long. I use a knitting machine.” Most of them saw nothing wrong with that but do you know, one or two of them actually stepped back when told them!! “Oh, I don’t know how you can do that. I like to be able to feel the work as I’m knitting it” or “That must be boring just sitting there moving the thing backwards and forewards all the time” or “Well it’s not the same is it? Not when the machine does it all for you.”
Excuse me? Do I not have to hand tool all the increases and decreases? Do I not have to hand tool the stitches when I do lace or fancy stitches? Do I not have to sew all the seams up and put it all together myself? I don’t have a fancy all singing and dancing machine that you just press a button and sit and watch it make the jumper. What is wrong with these people? Why do they act like they are so superior to me just because they knit by hand and I knit by machine? I CAN knit by hand but it takes me about 6 months to make a jumper, why would I do that when I can make one on the machine in just a few evenings????

I don’t have a problem with hand knitters, in fact I admire their patience. I read a lot of their blogs and I always like to see the pictures of what they’ve made. I’m sure it’s only a very small minority that think machine knitters are inferior but it really does make my blood boil!!!

Sorry about that, I just had to get it out of my system.

Hopefully my stripey sweater will be finished the next time I post.

More later,


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