>Elvis Is Alive!


No, really he is! He’s had a sex change and he works at the same shop as me. Look!

Well, alright it’s really Nicola modelling my Elvis wig. You nearly believed me though didn’t you? She doesn’t like Elvis at all, she’s a Buddy Holly fan but she does a good impression don’t you think? She even does the pose –

She’s wasted as a shop assistant! I didn’t think I’d made that wig right, that’s why I hadn’t posted a picture of it. But now I’ve seen it on someone else other than me I don’t think it looks that bad. Not that I’m keeping it – I’ve given it to Elvis…. I mean Nicola.

Knitting Update

I’ve started the 3ply top that I showed you yesterday. Here’s the progress so far:

I know there’s not much done yet but I’ve been at work so I haven’t really had much time. Here’s a close up of the pattern:

It did occur to me while I was knitting that I might just have chosen the wrong time of year to be making a summer vest. I mean it is the end of September and the temperature is getting a little cooler. But what the heck, it’ll do for next year.

More later,


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