>Been WatchingThe Boss

>I haven’t knitted a stitch today. The postman brought me the Bruce Springsteen ‘VH1 Storytellers’ DVD that I bought from Amazon. It arrived late this morning just before I went to work. So there it sat, in it’s box, waiting to be watched and there was I, at work, watching the clock, itching to get home and watch it. Well how could I possibly do any knitting tonight? Sorry but given the choice between knitting and watching Bruce there was never any chance of the knitting winning that one. I did however get a lot balls of wool wound off with the wool winder ready for when I eventually get round to using it. I had to turn the volume up quite a lot as the handle squeaks (well it’s as good a reason as any).

I knitted last night though. I finished the stole apart from the fringe which I’ll probably do at the weekend. I don’t think I’ll get any more done before then as my partner will be home. He’s a long distance HGV driver and is usually away from home Saturday morning until Thursday afternoon but this week he’ll be coming home tomorrow. It wouldn’t be fair on him if I disappeared into the spare room to knit and left him downstairs with the dog. So I’ll probably start sewing up the summer top or the gloves while we’re sat watching the tele. He’s a Springsteen fan too, maybe he’ll want to watch the DVD. (No – I couldn’t possibly sit through it again tomorrow could I?) I’ve also got a few cross stitch kits waiting to be done, I should really get started on them. Too much to do, not enough time to do it all. I keep saying that when I’m retired I’ll always have plenty to do.

More later,


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