>New Project Started

>I’ve knitted the back of the cardigan I showed you on the 18th Sept (see post ‘This Is Scary’).

And here’s a close up of the pattern. It’s not easy to photograph with it being black.

The pattern is easy to do so hopefully it won’t take too long to finish it (famous last words!).

The Edward Scissorhands scary gloves are now sewn up:

You can’t tell properly from the photo but they are a bit big. My fingers don’t reach the ends and as you can see I have to fold the cuff in half. But as this was my first attempt at gloves on the Knitmaster I don’t think they’ve turned out too bad. I posted a message on the Knitting Today message board asking if anyone had a pattern for DK gloves on the Bond but I got no replies so I’m going to have a go at the sideways knitted ones that I found in one of the magazines. I don’t know when I’ll be starting them but that’s what I’ve decided to do.

Remember the stole? Well this morning I decided to start knitting the fringe. I was doing quite well with it until I dropped a stitch. It ran down too quickly for me to catch it and I found it impossible to re-latch it up as there are eyelets in it and I couldn’t figure out which ladders were knitted and which ones were on hold. So I said sod it and started on the black cardigan instead. The stole is now an official UFO until I can be bothered to attempt the fringe again. I always find that once somethings gone wrong with something I’m making I can’t muster up the enthusiasm to finish it. I know it will get finished – I just don’t know when.

I haven’t sewn up the summer top yet but let’s face it I’ve got plenty of time – It’s going to be many months before I’ll be able to wear it!

I’ve been buying some yarns off ebay but I’ll tell you about them another day because now I think I’ll go and make a start on those sideways knitted gloves. Wish me luck!


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