>Another New Sock

>I’ve finished the second purple and white cotton sock apart from sewing it up.

The stripes just about match which I’m quite pleased about. What’s not so good is the mock rib which is a bit loose. I originally cast on using the Ribmaster but when I knitted the cast on row the cotton snapped so I obviously had wound it too tightly. I could have done the cast-on row on the Knitmaster then transferred the stitches for rib but I thought the mock rib would be quicker. I should have maybe done it at a tighter tension but never mind.

Another Ebay Bargain
I received this today, another of my ebay wins .

This is 4 1/2 oz of Patons Nylox 3 ply in navy blue. Now I’m sure I’ve got some old patterns that use this. Could it be more socks? I think so. At the rate I’m going I’ll probably never have to buy another pair of socks for as long as I live!

Talk to you later,


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