>Look What I’ve Got!

>The doorbell rang at 8:15 this morning- it was the parcel man with this:

What could it be?? (As if you don’t know):

Yes, of course it’s my ‘new’ knitting machine.

Everything seemed to be there, so as soon as I’d taken the dog for a walk and done what needed doing I set it all up. It appeared to work OK but the tension knobs on the yarn mast didn’t seem to be working properly and the wool was slack at the start of every row. I messed about with it for a while but I couldn’t figure it out and I had to go to work.

After I came home and had my tea I got the manual out again and realised where I was going wrong. I’d put the tension mast in back to front. So I put it right and had another go and it worked. The carriage was a bit stiff so I oiled the back rail and it did the trick. The carriage now moves easily and the tension knobs work!

I did a bit of stocking stitch then I started on the stitch patterns from the pattern cards. Here’s what I did:

If you look just to the right of the centre at the top you can see a mistake. One of the needles is damaged, the latch keeps getting stuck under the hook. There is one spare needle but it looks a bit bent so I’ll have to use one of the end needles to replace it. I don’t suppose I’ll ever need to use the full needlebed for anything so it should be OK. Anyway, if that’s the only thing that’s wrong with it I can’t complain can I? I’m really pleased with it, especially as it only cost me £10. I know the postage was £18 but even so, £28 for a decent knitting machine isn’t bad is it?

So, did I sew the buttons on the black cardigan? Not a chance!

I’m off to play some more.


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