>Finally Sewed The Buttons On

>Yes I finally got the buttons sewn on the black cardi, so that’s another one finished. The photos aren’t very good though –

black cardi front

My mistake doesn’t show on the photo so I can’t point it out to you. It will have to be pressed though as the shape hasn’t held. All I did was pin it out when I washed it thinking it would hold it’s shape as it dried but it didn’t. You can see how it’s pulling at the buttons but I’m sure I’ll be able to sort that out. Here’s what the back looks like –

I’ve also knitted the front of the white/brown/orange Patons Fiona sweater. With a bit of luck I’ll get the sleeves done tomorrow. I couldn’t get much done today as I had to go to work. I don’t usually work Saturdays but someone’s on holiday so I lost half a days knitting.

Anyway, I’m off to have another play on my ‘new’ machine.

More later,


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