>Just A Quickie

>Just a quick post tonight.
Firstly, thanks to ‘anonymous’ and Roz for your suggestions on how to make the toes of my socks stronger. Both said to knit them at a tighter tension which I will try the next time I make some. If that doesn’t work I’ll try Roz’s other suggestion to knit in some serger thread with the main yarn.
Also thanks to Wendcat for letting me know about BSK.

I’ve nearly finished sewing up the Patons Fiona sweater. I think it’s going to be rather ‘roomy’ but I don’t mind. I’ve just got the second sleeve to sew in and the collar to sew on.

I’ve now got the back, front and one sleeve knitted of the short sleeved top on the 302 so hopefully I’ll have that finished at the weekend.

Talk to you later,


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