>No Pics Today

>I’ve finished and washed the Patons Fiona sweater and it’s drying now so there’s no picture of the finished item yet. I’ve also finished all the pieces for the 3 ply top on the 302 so with a bit of luck I’ll start sewing it up tomorrow night.

There probably won’t be any more posts now until the weekend but hopefully by then I’ll have some photos to show you.
I’ll also let you know what my next project will be. I haven’t decided what it is going to be yet so I’m going to have a think about it.

Just one final thing, does anyone have the book ‘Weaving With Your Knitmaster 302 Automatic’? If so could you possibly give me the instructions for pattern nos: w105, w111, w113 and w133? I’ve posted a message on the Vintage Knitting Machines group message board but I thought I’d ask here as well. I just want to try a few weaving patterns and I’ve found some items in the Modern Knitting mags but they don’t give the instructions, just the pattern numbers.

Talk to you later,


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