>Short Sleeved Top Finished

>As promised, here’s a photo of the Bairns Wear 3 ply top knitted on the 302.

It is shaped at the waist and is a perfect fit so I am really pleased with it.
Here’s what it looks like in the magazine:

I decided against the belt. Billy reckons it’s Joanna Lumley modelling it but I’m not so sure although it does look a bit like her – what do you think?

Anyway, I’ve made a little more progress on the bri nylon sweater:

Do you like the way the pattern turned out on the front? I do. I’ll try and get some more of it done tomorrow but – and don’t laugh at this – UK Gold are re-running the new Doctor Who episodes from 7pm and I thought it was brilliant so I’ll be watching it again, which won’t leave much time for knitting. I was never a Doctor Who fan before but I did enjoy the latest series. It’s a pity Christopher Eccleston won’t be in it any more – he was good as the Doctor.

I’m still trying to find the weaving pattern book, I’ve posted a couple more messages in some new Yahoo groups I’ve joined so I haven’t quite given up hope yet.

Talk to you later,


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