>Doctor Who And Knitting

>So what was I thinking yesterday when I said I probably wouldn’t get much knitting done because I’ll be watching Doctor Who? Well my knitting machines are set up in the spare bedroom and I can only get satellite TV downstairs. How thick am I? It’s obvious really isn’t it – take the knitting machine downstairs. I amaze myself at times with my own stupidity.
So I brought my Bond Elite downstairs and set it up in front of the tele. Here’s the result:

So I’ve managed to knit a sleeve and watch Doctor Who at the same time. How sad am I!!

I must thank the anonymous person who told me about the Knitmaster weaving book that someone from Australia was selling on ebay. I went straight there and bought it – she had it listed as Buy it Now rather than an auction. It has a different cover and name to the one I saw advertised in the Modern Knitting magazine but it does appear to be the right one. So it looks as if my search has ended successfully, I can’t wait for the book to arrive.

Talk to you later,


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