>I’ve Been So Busy Tonight

>You won’t believe how much I’ve knitted tonight. A sleeveless top, a skirt, a jacket and a pair of trousers. I haven’t had time to sew them up yet. Wanna see ’em?

Well you didn’t think I’d made them for me did you? You see, I was thinking to myself “what else can I do with all my leftovers?” and it just came to me – dolls clothes. I knew I had a couple of patterns I could use. So I started thinking big ideas – if I make enough I can flog them on ebay, I could earn enough to retire, let’s get started. I looked on ebay just to see if that sort of thing sells well. No chance. Never mind, I’m still going to do it. I found a doll for a couple of quid (well I needed a model didn’t I) and my new venture has begun. If I manage to sell any of these clothes it will be a miracle! I don’t have a daughter (or a son for that matter) and my niece is 19 so she’s a bit old for dolls, so what else can I do with them? I think I know where they’ll end up.

As you can probably guess I haven’t done the second sleeve of my sweater, I think I’ll leave that until the weekend.

Got to go now and find some more Barbie/Sindy patterns!

Talk to you later,


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