>Doll’s Clothes

>No, these trousers just aren’t right. The sleeveless top is fine but these bell bottoms – no

And Barbie or whoever you are, will you please sort your hair out. Talk about having a bad hair day. I think the trouser pattern was really written for Sindy, wasn’t she a bit plumper than Barbie? Even so, I think they would be too big for her. So I won’t be using that pattern again.

I did a google search last night thinking I might find a couple of patterns. I never imagined I’d find so many! I’ll be knitting all sorts of things (but no more bell bottom trousers). I think I’m going to have to make a massive wardrobe of clothes for anyone to be interested in buying them (except for bell bottoms) and I’m going to have to do a good job of finishing them.

Anyway, this is my to do list for the weekend: 1) Finish bri nylon sweater 2) More socks 3) More dolls clothes 4) Finish sideways knitted gloves. So I’ll probably get no.1 done.

Talk to you on Saturday,


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  1. Jojo says:

    >I love this Barbie outfit – so incongruous! Do you teach people to knit? Didn't there used to be a knitting cafe in Darlo – has it died? Your site is gorgeous.(Originally posted on 30th October 2005)

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