>Fed Up

>Yes, I’m fed up tonight. Do you remember the Patons Bouclet that I bought off ebay? Well I found a pattern in one of the Modern Knitting magazines for a zip up jacket and this was the exact yarn that they used so I decided to make it. I wish I’d never bothered. I was on for about 2 hours knitting the back, it kept dropping stitches or not knitting them so I spent ages putting it right. Then I went to re-hang it to do the ribbing which took ages and the first row dropped some stitches, so I put them back on and knitted the second row. The wool snapped. Then I snapped. The air was bluer than the wool. The dog went and hid in the corner. The knitting was flung on the floor. I hate the wool. I don’t want it any more. But I still love the colour.

The batteries are nearly dead in my camera so the flash won’t work, hence the crappy pictures. I had to light them with a desk lamp. Fortunately nothing else has gone wrong today. Apart from the dolls sweater I started making. I knitted the back but I’ll have to re-do it as it’s too small. I’ll do it again at a different tension.

So what went right today? Well I made a pair of socks:

They are actually burgandy but the light has made them look pink. I’ll sew them up later – maybe tomorrow.

I also finished the second sleeve of the bri nylon sweater:

I might sew that up tomorrow as well – if I can be bothered. You might have guessed by now that sewing up is not something I enjoy doing. Remember the summer vest top? Well I still haven’t finished sewing that up. I’ll get round to it – eventually.

So, about that Patons Bouclet. Does anyone want it? There’s 7 unused 1oz balls, a part used ball and the back of the jumper that went wrong. I’m feeling generous, so the first person who emails me and asks for it can have it.

Talk to you later,


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