>Even More Fed Up

>Have you ever had one of those days when things just won’t go right? Well I’ve had two in a row, yesterday and today. I’ve already told you about yesterday so here’s what happened today.

I had seen a Knitmaster ribber on ebay and I asked the seller if it was suitable for the 302. She replied that she wasn’t sure so I emailed someone at the Yahoo knitting machine group to see if she knew. She emailed me back and said it wouldn’t work with the 302. So I thought I’d do the decent thing and let the seller know that it wasn’t the right one and that I was sorry for wasting her time. From the reply she sent me, she obviously misinterpreted what I said and must have thought I was being nasty. So now I feel awful because I wasn’t being nasty, I was just letting her know that the ribber wasn’t the right one for the 302 so she’d know the answer if anyone else asked. So I emailed her again explaining this and apologised for the misunderstanding. So far I haven’t heard from her again.

So, after I’d done the ironing, done the housework and had my tea, I decided that I would do some knitting. I thought I would try this on the 302:

The front and back are plain and the sleeves are patterned. Sounded easy enough. So I did the back:

Well that went alright. Then I thought I’d do a sleeve. That was coming along fine until I started the shaping at the top. Now the pattern was 3 rows at one setting and 1 row at another setting. This isn’t hard as it’s just a matter of pushing buttons on the carriage. The shaping was to decrease one stitch at each end of every 8th row. I was concentrating hard and was doing well until SOMEONE RANG THE DOORBELL. Don’t you just hate that when you’re in the middle of something. It was just the woman collecting my monthly payment for the local hospice lottery. I was just shutting the door when THE PHONE RANG. It was Billy letting me know he was parked up for the night as he always does. So when I finally got back to the knitting machine I had no idea where I was in the pattern. No problem, I’ll pull it out as far as the start of the armhole shaping. Easier said than done, I couldn’t get the loops onto the needles without dropping them. Alright then, I’ll pull it out as far as the end of the mock ribbing. I still couldn’t stop the stitches from running. Sod it, I’ll start again. So I did. I did the 25 rows of 3 x 1 mock rib, folded the hem, knitted 1 row, arranged the needles for the pattern and knitted 4 rows. I started knitting the 5th row and THE WOOL GOT CAUGHT IN THE BRUSHES SO IT DIDN’T KNIT AND I LOST THE STITCHES. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not going to finish that jumper. I was destined never to finish that jumper. That jumper does not want me to knit it, I mean it’s given me two signs already, why tempt fate and try a third time? I’ll find something else to knit with my purpley coloured 3 ply.

So here’s to the end of a shitty weekend. Most of my knitting went wrong and I’ve managed to upset an ebay seller without even trying.

Hope you’ve had a better one than me.

Talk to you later,


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