>So Far So Good

>I know I said I was going to concentrate on sewing things up and finishing them, but…. well you know how it is, you just can’t help yourself can you? I found this

It’s just a vest with a big collar ‘thing’ attached. The magazine (from 1974) describes it as a ‘lady’s evening blouse’. I like this, I don’t know if it’s fashionable or not but I’m sure I would wear it. I’ve got a load of yarn in a pale lilac so I made a tension swatch and it came out more or less right (I’ll never learn will I?) and here’s what I’ve done so far:

Now surely I can’t bugger this one up. There’s no fancy patterns, just plain stocking stitch, increases, decreases and short rowing. Fingers crossed.

I bought this pattern today:

Now I know it’s a hand knitting pattern but I can easily adapt it for the machine. The only thing I might struggle with is the ribbing, I will have to do it in sections. It is supposed to be done all at once on a circular needle. I’ll figure it out when I get to that part. I don’t know if I’ll make it with the button fastening or not, I might knit some ties instead. This will (hopefully) be a Christmas present for my sister if it turns out right. I’ll be using this:

So this will be the next project and hopefully it’ll turn out right. But for now I’m concentrating on the ‘evening blouse’. The sewing up of the other things will just have to wait. I’m on holiday next week so I’ll probably do it then – no, I will do it then!

Talk to you later,


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