>When Will This End?

>What’s wrong with me? I knitted a doll’s dolman sweater. It was supposed to fit a Barbie or a Sindy. No. I don’t think it would even fit a Pippa (remember her from years ago?) Well that might be a slight exaggeration but it has ended up too short. It’s a little bit revealing.

Everything I do on those knitting machines seems to be going wrong lately. It must be me. Maybe I should have a break from them for a while. I think I should concentrate on sewing things up – like the socks, the sweater and the summer top.

Never mind, things will turn out right eventually.

No takers for the Patons Bouclet yet, have I put you off it with my tale of woe? It might knit up easier by hand than it does on the machine, but you won’t know until you try it. Remember, the first one who asks gets it.

Talk to you later,


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