>As far as knitting goes I haven’t got much to show you apart from this which I finished yesterday:

(Photo no longer available)

I’ve knitted the front of the short sleeved 3ply sweater and that’s it. My excuse? Well I had to go to work today, normally I don’t work Saturdays so that’s when I get most of my knitting done. Mind you I didn’t think I’d get any done today at all so I’m quite pleased. I think I’ll get the sleeves done tomorrow – that’s if I don’t run out of wool – it’s going to be a close thing I think!

I also want to make a hat. I’m not normally a hat person but when I took the dog out first thing this morning my head was freezing!

Yesterday I attached the interfacing and lining to the mohair collar so at least that’s another thing completely finished.

So tomorrow after I’ve done the big pile of ironing I’ll get back to the knitting. I’ve just got so much to do and so little time.

Talk to you later,


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