>It’s Gonna Get Colder!

>So I was walking to work today and boy, was it cold. But my head was warm – I was wearing my new hat, my neck was warm – I was wearing my new scarf and my hands were warm – I was wearing my new gloves. I was still feeling a draught though, it was blowing up my coat! It comes down to just below my bum and it’s not a tight fit along the bottom edge. So as I was walking I was thinking that I needed to knit something to keep my midrif warm – a waistcoat or gilet or something in a chunky yarn. It won’t matter what it looks like as it will be worn under my coat as a lining.

When I came home I had a look through my chunky stash and here’s what I’ve got:

(Photo no longer available)

There should be enough there to make something.

So what about a pattern? What about this one from the Bond Pattern Book No.2, I think that’s just the thing I’m looking for.

(Photo no longer available)

I won’t do the fair isle though, there’s not much point when I’ll only be wearing it under my coat, it’ll be striped. I’m not going to check the tension (as if I ever do), as long as it keeps me warm it’ll be OK.

I think I’d better go and make a start on it because from what the weather forecasts say I’m certainly going to need it!

Talk to you later,


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