>goodbye Sweater

>Remember this:

Every time I wear it, it seems to get bigger. I wore it yesterday and decided I had to take some action. So it now looks like this

(Photo no longer available)

All is not lost though, I have Knitware so I will be re-using this yarn. It’s Patons Symphony and is quite chunky but really soft to wear. I knitted the original sweater using every other needle but I think this time I might try it on every needle. Does that mean I’ll need more wool? But I’m going to make this one smaller so will that mean that I’ll have enough? I’ll probably know the answer when I’m knitting the second sleeve.

Anyway, that is going to be my next project.

As for the waistcoat coat liner thingy, well I’ve nearly finished it. I just need to knit the buttonhole band and the two armbands. I was going to use the Bond ribber for that but I changed my mind. I figured that it would take me so long to get it properly set up that it would be just as quick to convert the stitches by hand. That’s the only trouble with the ribber. When it’s properly set up it works great but getting it set up right is a first class pain in the backside.

So while I’m converting rib stitches I always complain that it takes ages to do and I have to remind myself why I bought a knitting machine in the first place – because I’m so slow at hand knitting. So, it took me just over an hour to knit the button band on the machine but how long would it have taken me by hand? Forever, that’s how long!

Talk to you later,


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