>That Bond Ribber!

>I don’t believe that Bond Ribber of mine. The amount of aggravation it has caused me every time I’ve used it, all the dropped stitches, and the swearing – I dread to think what the neighbours think I’m doing. So why did I decide to set it up this afternoon? I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I just felt sorry for it because it hardly ever gets used even though it took me ages to find it (on ebay), or maybe I just wanted another battle with it. Anyway, I attached the brackets and got the ribber out from under the table. The dog went and hid in the corner – she’s got a good memory. I got the instruction book out and started. Guess what, that bloody ribber worked perfectly! I couldn’t believe it. I had planned on just making a square to see if I’d got it set up properly but I changed my mind and produced this:
ribber scarf
It’s a scarf. I know it’s not brilliant, the sides are a bit dodgy and the cast on and cast off edges leave a lot to be desired but I didn’t have to fight the machine to make it. I started off doing a 1×1 rib for 50 rows, then I changed to a 3×3 rib then back to a 1×1 rib and so on until I’d done 250 rows. Now while it was hanging on the machine it looked long enough but of course after I’d cast it off I realised that it should have been longer. But I don’t care! I finally got the ribber set up right at the first attempt. What’s the betting that next time I use it it will be back to it’s stubborn old self.

So, apart from the scarf I’ve knitted the front and back of the Patons Symphony sweater:

(Photo no longer available)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have enough wool to finish it but it’ll be a close thing.

I also spent a couple of hours surfing the internet which I didn’t intend to do but I couldn’t help it. I started off on someone’s knitting blog and she had a list of blogs that she reads, so I visited one and she had a list as well and…. well it just goes on and on and you can’t stop can you?

Talk to you tomorrow,


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  1. Kate says:

    >Thanks for putting a pin in my map. I had a knitting machine once but I didn't really take to it. I'm a process knitter not a product knitter and the machine just produced too much product, too fast.(Originally posted on 4th December 2005)

  2. w says:

    >Machine knitting is also a process i hate that blinkered look towards machine knitting it isn`t all producing yards of stocking st and used creativly can take longer than hand knitting Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters~Susan Guagliumi springs to mind who wants to spend weeks hand knitting stocking st.. they both have there good and bad points….(Originally posted on 5th December 2005)

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