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>There’s an article in one of my Bond magazines entitled ‘Circular Knitting On The Elite’, which explains how to knit tubes of knitting with the Elite ribber. The Bond Elite is really just a fancier version of the original Bond – the guage is slightly different but it uses the same principle of a simple carriage with different sized ‘keyplates’ which give different tensions. There are no dials or levers at all, unlike on the more expensive machines so they are really very basic. Anyway, I read the instructions and decided they would apply to my Bond ribber so I just had to have a go. Look at this!

It actually worked! I can’t believe it! (For any hand knitters reading this, remember how you felt the first time you mastered your DPN’s – well that’s how I feel). So this has opened up new possibilities for me now. I’ll be able to make sweaters in one piece – well up to the armholes anyway – and knowing how much I hate sewing up that’s got to be a good thing. I’d have to figure out how to do the ribbing though as I can only do the circular knitting in stocking stitch – any suggestions? Maybe I could do socks, but how would I do the heel and toe shaping, unless I did the leg part as a tube then do the foot part flat and then join the seams. I’ll have to think about that one. If you think I sound inspired you’re right – I am.

Do these cables look machine knitted to you or would you say they are hand knitted?

It’s hard to tell really but anyone who’s read my old blog might recognise it as the Rowan Chunky sweater I knitted on the Bond. I had to hand manipulate the stitches with transfer tools as the machine cannot do that on it’s own. Yes it did take quite a while to do and I had to follow a chart. Just to make it a little more difficult, when you’re machine knitting you can only see the back of your work, unlike when you’re hand knitting and can look at both sides. There are easy things and hard things in both hand and machine knitting – it all depends on what you are trying to achieve.
I haven’t done any more of the Patons Symphony sweater tonight (too busy knitting my tube!). Hopefully I’ll get at least one sleeve knitted tomorrow – unless I get inspired to do something else on the Bond ribber.

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  1. chris says:

    >The scandinavians used to knit the whole sweater as a circle and then cut the sleeve holes,knit an underarm gusset by picking up stitches,then continue circular for each sleeve.When finished seam shoulders together leaving neck hole and knit circular for the collar.Anyway I expect you could do that but it might get a bit heavy.Might have a go myself as Ive just bought an elite with a ribber.(Originally posted on 6th December 2005)

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