>One Sleeve Done

>I’ve finished one sleeve of the Patons Symphony sweater. Still don’t know if there’ll be enough wool to finish the second one! I can see me having to pull out the tension square and use every last scrap to get it finished. Do you find that you knit quicker when you haven’t got much wool left – just so you get it done before you run out? How mad is that!

Thank you for the recent comments on my last couple of posts. I do agree with ‘W’ (Wendy?) about some hand knitters attitude towards machine knitting, ie quantity rather than quality. Kate has tried machine knitting and decided it wasn’t for her – a lot of hand knitters have never even seen a knitting machine and are too quick to condem them without realising exactly what can be done with them.

Chris, are you the same Chris that posted on the Knitting Today message board about winning the ebay auction for the Elite and ribber? Was it the one where the seller had (I think) three machines in the one lot and it was collection only? If I remember rightly that’s why I didn’t bid on it as I wouldn’t have been able to collect the machines if I won. Well done anyway, if you want the instructions on how to do the circular knitting on the Elite just let me know and I’ll send them to you.

I really wish I could find an Elite ribber and also a ribber for the Knitmaster 302. I’m letting my Paypal account build up ready for the time that I find them. Having said that, I really want an iPod as well so I may have to use the money for one of those instead. Maybe someone will buy me one for my birthday, or Santa might bring me one! We’ll see.

Talk to you later,


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  1. chris says:

    >yes thats me:)She hadnt listed the machine as a machine but as 2 machines and a ribber so originally I thought it was just an attatchment.I look through every knitting listing if I want something as people often dont really know what they have got so use a generic description.Luckily the OH works up there but it was still very hard to find her house.We didnt buy the other 2 machines though, OH would have had words if we had come home with 3 at once ;)I'd love to have the circular knitting instructions! My email is seagreen@blueyonder.co.ukThankyou very much!(Originally posted on 8th December 2005)

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