>Happy Birthday To Me!

>So what have I done all day? Opened my presents, took the dog for a walk, surfed the internet and knitted. How boring is that?

Anyway, here’s the finished Patons Symphony sweater:

I’m a bit disappointed with it because it’s knitted up too short, despite the fact I did a tension square. Having said that I couldn’t have made it any longer because I wouldn’t have had enough wool. Oh well, I’ll still wear it.

I’ve also started on this sleeveless pullover:

Inspired by my success with the circular knitting I thought I would try doing this the same way. Obviously I had to add the ribbing after I’d done the body so the front and back are seperate and will have to be seamed. I never thought about how I will do the armbands though. If I rehang the armhole edges onto the machine, the seam will be on the shoulder rather than under the arm where you would expect it to be. I could knit it seperately and sew it on afterwards but that would defeat the object of doing the front and back together to save on the sewing up. I’ll have to have a think about this!

One of the presents Billy gave me is the 30th anniversary edition of ‘Born To Run’. It includes a DVD of Bruce and the bands 1975 concert at the Hammersmith Odeon, London. So I’m sorry but I’m going now – I have a DVD to watch.

Talk to you tomorrow,

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  1. Naomi says:

    >Dear SusanFirst of all, belated happy birthday!I note that you have a Knitmaster 302. Is this the same as Empisal Knitmaster 302? I would like to know because I am in search of a manual in English. I have only one in Dutch (not useful!). I will of course pay for the copy and postage or otherwise by pay in kind like chocolates! I live in Brussels, Belgium (city of chocolates). Drop me an email (naomi.schofield@lovells.com). You are so creative!!!(Originally posted on 22nd December 2005)

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