>Another Lazy Day

>It’s been another lazy day for me. I managed to get the ironing done – that took all of half an hour – and I’ve knitted the armbands on the sleeveless pullover. So there’s not really much to talk to you about today.

I have got another hat to show you. I made it with the Ribmaster a couple of weeks ago.

I used some Patons Fiona that I bought off ebay ages ago. Because it’s ribbed it’s a much better fit than the other hats I made – trouble is the weather’s warmed up a bit so I can’t wear it.

I think I’ve figured out how I’m going to make circular knitted socks on the Bond, so I’m going to give them a go after I’ve finished the pullover

I visited Tari’s Blog and she has a link to a French knitting blog. There was a translator in the sidebar which I thought was a good idea – so I’ve put one in mine. You might wonder why, but when I check my site meter I find I’ve had visitors from all over the place – Norway, Estonia, Japan, Turkey, France, Netherlands – so a translator might be quite useful for them. You never know though, I might dump it after a couple of weeks.

The Patons Bouclet will be on its way to Canada tomorrow, Lana emailed me and asked for it. I might be putting something else up for grabs at some time in the future. I’m going to have a look through my (small) stash and decide what needs liberating. I know I’m supposed to be using it to make dolls clothes but if I’m honest I really don’t think it’s going to happen.

Hopefully tomorrow I might have a finished object to show you.

Talk to you later,


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