>Darned Socks

>On Friday night I sat and darned all my holey socks. As you can see I am no expert at this!

But who cares how the repairs look? Nobody can see them when I’m wearing them so it doesn’t really matter does it?

Anyway, today I made this on the Bond:

I used some left over Robin Fascination Chunky (remember the fisherman’s rib sweater?) as the main yarn and some aran oddments for the weaving. As you can see it’s not quite finished yet. I need to line it and put some sort of fastening on it – I haven’t yet decided what I will use but I think it will probably be press studs. I’m hoping to get that done tomorrow if I have time. I have a lot to do – ironing, write out all the Christmas cards, wrap all the Christmas presents, and there’s still a few decorations to put up.

The Twilleys Angelspun is now on it’s way to Toni in Greensboro, NC – that was snapped up a lot faster than the Patons Bouclet! Pioggia asked ‘what’s the occasion?’ – well there isn’t one! I had listed the yarn twice on ebay and nobody wanted it so I just thought I’d offer it for free.

Talk to you later,


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  1. Christina says:

    >How exactly do you darn socks? I have no idea. But I do agree, no one will see that part when you have the socks on. And cute purse! Thanks for putting a pin on my GuestMap.~ Christina(Originally posted on 18th December 2005)

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