>Spot The Mistake

>I finished knitting the long strip of knit-weaving for the work bag and I laid it out on the floor to take a photo. Then I spotted it – a great big mistake right in the middle. How did I miss that? I’m so pleased that this isn’t something I’m going to wear because I would have been quite annoyed if I’d had to pull it out.

So I’ve just got the two end pieces to knit now but I’ve got no pink 4ply left. I can’t decide whether to use some off-white that I’ve got or the blue from the stole that I pulled out. I’ll have to sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

Remember the fishermans rib hat that I made a few weeks ago? Well I wore it today for the first time and I realised that it’s just not the right length. It comes down below my eyebrows so I have to fold it back but as I only need to fold it back by about an inch it looks silly. So I knitted a strip of fishermans rib which I’m going to sew on the bottom so that when I fold it back it doesn’t look quite as bad. (Does that make sense to you?)

(Photo no longer available)

I know it’s a bit of a bodge but I’m used to that!

Talk to you later,


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