>My Knit Cam!

>I bought a web cam a couple of months ago and I’ve never used it – until now. Yes, I now have ‘Knit Cam’ (how sad am I?). I set up the web cam pointing towards one of the knitting machines and when I’m knitting you will be able to see live ‘works in progress’. I bet you can’t wait, can you? This probably won’t last very long and before you know it the web cam will be packed away in it’s box, never to see the light of day again. But until then I’ll really have to do some knitting, I mean it will be pretty boring just looking at a knitting machine doing nothing – but then again, watching the knitting machine in action isn’t exactly going to be exciting either is it?

Anyway, today I bought this:

(Photo no longer available)

It’s a kit to make a knitted teddy and includes all the stuffing and other bits and pieces needed to complete it. Guess what – it’s hand knitted. Why do I do these thing to myself? I don’t like hand knitting, especially on size 3.25mm needles. I’ve never knitted with fun fur / eyelash type yarns – what if I can’t knit with it? Why did I buy it in the first place? Well it’s purple, I like the colour and it only cost £4.99 – is that a good enough reason? Also it will be a challenge for me and I suspect one that will take an awfully long time to complete! But hey, I like a challenge.

So, have I done any knitting today? Yes, I’ve finished the second side piece of the work bag. I still haven’t bought the dowelling yet but I won’t need that until I’ve finished the sewing up. It’ll be finished one day, I promise.

Talk to you later,


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  1. Diane says:

    >WOW that was a superb bargain! i bet it will be lovely when you've made it..it looks a bit like tatty teddy or the bears called from me to you and they are so cute…i love bears!!(Originally posted on 2nd January 2006)

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