>Oops! I Broke It

>I broke my Bond ribber. It’s not broken beyond repair though, I’ve mended it now. I had decided to do something about the cast-on edges of the ribbed sweater I’m making. I thought I’d add a few rows of 1×1 rib. So I hung the stitches onto the machine, set it up for 1×1 rib and started knitting. The carriage kept jamming, I kept dropping stitches. I lost my temper. I should have walked away and calmed down but I didn’t. Did I ever tell you that when I lose my temper I throw things? Well, I threw the carriage and the keyplates. The carriage hit the carpet but unfortunately the keyplates hit the cupboard door. Oops. One of them ended up with a big crack in it and the other ended up with a big lump broken off it. All I can say is thank God for Superglue. So while the glue was setting I had a cup of tea and calmed down. When I went back to the machine and tried it again it worked OK. Do you think my Bond ribber is cursed? I’m convinced it is. Anyway, I added the ribbing to the front and back and I knitted the first sleeve:

I couldn’t face doing the second sleeve – If it had gone wrong I don’t know what I would have broken.
So I made a couple more scarves on the 302 instead.

These scarves are really just an excuse to practice on this machine. I need to get into the habit of following the pattern cards and turning the knobs at the right times. It’s also much less stressful than that cursed ribber.

I think I’ll try and get all the charity scarves sent off this week. The annoying thing is that I’ve made all these scarves and I’ve still got loads of wool left!

Talk to you later,


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