>Workbag Finished

>I had a walk up to B&Q this morning and managed to get some quarter inch dowelling for the workbag. It’s now completely finished:

I’m feeling quite chuffed with myself because I managed to drill all the holes in the right places without making a mess of it.

I’ve also done the second sleeve of the ribbed sweater with only a little bit of swearing. The carriage kept jamming again but I kept calm and didn’t break anything like I did yesterday.
After I’d finished the sleeve I decided to try and modify the ribber bed. I took out the needle retainer bars and laid some cord across the needles before putting the retainer bars back on. This should help stop the needles dropping too far down and stopping the carriage moving. That’s the theory anyway, I haven’t tested it yet. I’ll let you know what happens.

Talk to you later,


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2 Responses to >Workbag Finished

  1. chris says:

    >That workbag is excellent.Dont the bonds have some sort of foam under the needle retainer bar thats meant to help hold them in position? I thought Lea-Ann mentioned it once over on the bond list(knitting today).(Originally posted on 11th January 2006)

  2. Naomi says:

    >This is really nice. My cats would love to snuggle in this. Did you make this with 302 or the Bond?(Originally posted on 18th January 2006)

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