>Bond Ribber Exorcism

>Yes, I think I may have finally exorcised the demons from my Bond ribber. I tried to sort it out last night but when I used it tonight it still wasn’t quite right. So I had another go at it and fingers crossed it seems to have worked.

I knitted the neckband of the ribbed sweater (that’s when I realised that last night’s fixing hadn’t worked) so that only needs sewing up now.

After I re-fixed the ribber I cast on for another charity scarf. Were you watching me? No? Well here’s what you missed:

(Photo no longer available)
Go on, admit it, the excitement is just too much for you isn’t it? That is a still shot from the web cam – it’s not very good is it? It is only a cheap web cam though. You can see the orange scarf hanging down – I would have knitted more of it but it was hitting the floor and I couldn’t be bothered to roll up the weighted hem so I decided to leave it and call it a night. I’ll finish it tomorrow.

Not much else to tell you, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow,


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