>Yet Another Scarf

>I was supposed to be sending off the charity scarves this week but I haven’t done it yet and have added yet another one to the pile. I just can’t help myself – they’re so quick and easy to do. I really will have to send them soon.

Later on I’m going to start sewing up the ribbed sweater. If I don’t do it tonight it’ll just get put aside and forgotten about. I’ve already got two things that just need sewing up and I’m going to have to do them. What’s the point of knitting them if I don’t bother sewing them up? It’s just pure laziness really.

In reply to Chris’s question about the Bond having foam under the needle retaining bars, as far as I know it’s only the Elite that has it. I could be wrong though – maybe the USM does but I know my two old Bonds don’t.

Anyway, here’s the latest completed part of Blueberry teddy:

It’s the first of the two body pieces. I have no idea how it all goes together, I haven’t read the making up instructions yet so I hope they’re easy to follow. I don’t think I’ll be knitting any more of the teddy tonight as I’m going to be sewing up the sweater so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

I’ve been thinking about that Patons Astro cardigan that is hard to knit on the Bond. I might just pull it all out and start it again but not on the machine. It should knit up fairly quickly by hand as it’s thick wool, so I thought I’d knit a tension sample and make a pattern using the Knitware software. I don’t know though, my hand knitting isn’t that good. It’s alright making the teddy with that hairy yarn because hides your mistakes but this Astro isn’t hairy. Having said that it’s a textured yarn so that might disguise my uneven knitting. I’ll have to see what the tension square looks like and then I’ll decide what to do.

Talk to you later,


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