>2nd Circular Sock

>Tonight I started on the second circular knitted sock to match this one. It starts from the ribbing and ends at the toe – I’ve got as far as finishing the heel. With a bit of luck I’ll get it finished tomorrow night.

Here’s the second attempt at spinning which I couldn’t show you last night as it was drying:

2nd attempt

It’s a bit better than the first attempt but it’s still not very even. It is usable though but there isn’t enough to make anything with it!

I haven’t finished spinning the dyed fibre yet. I still don’t know whether I should ply it or not. Some websites I’ve looked at say you don’t need to and some say you should. So what should I do? If I don’t ply it and just knit up the one strand, will it knit up OK or will it go out of shape? Some would probably say just go ahead and try it but I don’t want to ruin it in the process. Oh the decisions I have to make!

In answer to the comment from Maus about the Bond Ribber – it wasn’t in production for very long before they stopped making it so they are not that easy yo come by. Also, as you may have gathered from my previous posts, they are not easy to set up.

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  1. Maus says:

    >Thanks for your answer, so they did make them, amazing, never heard of it here in the states. For me a knitting machine needs a ribber, so that would put the bond into a whole new light :)Your handspun yarn #2 looks delicious! So soft and fluffy.I think the und plied yarn would be more like "lopi style" yarn? Sometimes a bit icky to knit with as it can pull apart, but the knit fabric is just as stable as others. Why not just try out if it works.(Originally posted on 17th January 2006)

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