>Finished The Socks

>I finished the circular knit Bond socks. One seems to be slightly bigger than the other but I think that’s because it’s only just come off the machine.

After I’d finished I tried to come up with an easier way of doing the circular knitting without having to take the keyplate out and put it in the other side of the carriage on every row. I have some spare keyplates so I ‘modified’ one of them using a pair of pliers – but it doesn’t seem to have worked so I’ve now got a knackered keyplate (good job it was a spare). I’ll have to think about this some more.

I won this on ebay:

(Photo no longer available)

There are 17 x 20g balls. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet, I’ll have to have a look through the Modern Knitting magazines and see if there’s anything I like the look of. It’s nothing fancy – 70% tricel, 30% nylon – I just liked the colour. I’ll probably have a pattern by the weekend.

I haven’t done any more of the spinning today, haven’t had time. I emailed Get Knitted to let them know that the scarf pattern was missing from my kit so they’re going to send one out to me. No doubt that’ll be another one that I’ll have to knit by hand – unless I can convert it for the Bond. But then again it all depends on how thick my yarn turns out.

I knitted a little bit more of Blueberry Teddy last night. Well, I knit some, pulled it out and knit some more. I had gone wrong with the pattern somewhere and ended up with too many stitches. It was impossible to find where I’d made the mistake so I decided it would be easier to start the piece again. Never mind. I’ll try and do some more of it tonight.

Talk to you later,


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