>It’s All Gone Wrong

>Four times I tried to knit that Ladyship Tricel Nylon. Four times. It’s crap. It’s a nice colour but it’s a crap yarn. At least it’s crap for the knitting machines, I don’t know how it would knit by hand. I started off knitting a short sleeved sweater with a lacy pattern on the 302. I was doing OK until just after the armhole shaping, alright the carriage was a bit stiff but I was coping. Then the yarn snapped in the middle of a row so I took it off the machine and threw it to one side. I thought I’d check the sponge bar and when I took it out it was as flat as a pancake. Anyway, I repaired it until I can get a new one and put it back in. I decided to use a different knitting pattern for another short sleeved sweater (because obviously the first one was not meant to be) and started to knit the hem. But the more rows I knitted the harder it got so I pulled it off the machine. I had to try again though, so I cast on for the hem but this time at a looser tension. It was going fine until I turned the hem and hung the first row back onto the needles. When I knitted the row it snapped again.

So now I figured that the 302 doesn’t like this yarn at all but maybe it would be OK on the Bond Elite. So I found a pattern for a vest type top and cast on. But each row was getting harder to knit so I gave up. I think the problem is that it’s got no give in it at all and just gets too tight for the machines to knit. It might be easier by hand but I can’t see me ever trying to knit 4 ply by hand.

Anyway, today I received another of my ebay wins – 400g of Patons 4ply which is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. Maybe this will be easier to knit on the machine. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Talk to you later,


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