>So Far, So Good

>I started on a new sweater this afternoon using this Patons 4 ply:

(Photo no longer available)

It has a plain back and a cabled pattern on the front – I might post a picture of the pattern tomorrow if I get round to it. Anyway, I’ve done the back with no mishaps so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the front will go as smoothly. The thing is though, I’ve never tried doing cables on the Knitmaster 4500 so I don’t know how difficult it’s going to be. I’ll find out tomorrow – that’s if I have time to do any knitting.

Blueberry bear progress – I’ve done one of the inside arms:

(Photo no longer available)

I know you can’t really tell what it is but I like to keep you up to date on the progress.

I was bidding on some Patons Trident on ebay tonight but I pulled out when it reached £12.50, the winning bid was £12.80 – I wonder how high the other bidder would have been prepared to go if I’d put another bid in. I wanted the wool but not that badly. I’ll just have to keep looking and see what else I can find. I certainly won’t be buying anymore of that tricel nylon crap that gave me so much grief yesterday, I’m still annoyed about that.

Has anyone watched my little video? Yes I know it’s rubbish – I only do these things for a bit of daft. You see I’ve got an analogue camcorder and I just bought this little gadget thing that plugs into a USB port and enables you to transfer the recordings. I had to try it out didn’t I? Basically I’m a gadgety sort of person and I also like to try things out on the computer hence the daft things that find their way into my blog (knit cam, video clips). Who knows what will appear next?

Talk to you later,


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