>Here’s a picture of the sweater I’m making now:

I was quite nervous about doing cables on the Knitmaster 4500. Not because it’s something I’ve never done, I’ve actually done them lots of times on the Bond. No, it was because that machine is over 50 years old and probably has it’s original needles. If you’ve ever done cables on a knitting machine you’ll know how much strain there is on the needles. I was sure that some of them would snap. I was wrong. In fact the only thing that snapped was the wool on one of the first cables. It wasn’t a problem though and was easily fixed. Once I get it off the machine and tidy it up no one will ever know. The rest of the cables knitted with no problems so I’m feeling really pleased with myself. I got as far as the armhole shaping and decided to call it a night, I’ll finish it tomorrow then I’ll start on the sleeves. I don’t know what to do about the sleeves. In the picture there are cables on them but the instructions say to knit them plain. I think it will look better with the cables so I’ll have to work out where to put them and how many to do. I’ll have to closely study the picture.

I finished sewing this up last night:

I’m calling this my mystery sweater because I had no idea what the stitch pattern would look like. You may remember I started this back in November so it’s about time I got it finished.

So, that Ladyship tricel nylon that I had so much trouble with – I’ve had an idea. I can’t knit it on the machine and it will take me forever to knit it by hand, so why don’t I try and crochet something with it? Surely that won’t take me too long. I know I’m not very good at crocheting but I really like the colour of this yarn and I want to make something with it. I thought maybe a cardi but I don’t know if that’s a bit too ambitious for me. I’ll have to Google for some patterns.

Talk to you later,


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  1. Naomi says:

    >The blue mystery textured sweater is very nice. It will go well under a tailored jacket, with a pair of denims, formal trousers. Very versatile!(Originally posted on 23rd January 2006)

  2. Maus says:

    >That is a great looking sweater. Do you have a pattern book that you use for these machine knits?(Originally posted on 26th January 2006)

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