>Finished The Front

>I finished the front of the cabled sweater – here’s how the cables turned out:

(Photo no longer available)

I hope when it’s finished that the hems don’t curl up like they are doing now – it’ll look like a mini tutu! I haven’t started on the sleeves yet, maybe tomorrow.

I Googled for some crocheting patterns but I couldn’t find anything I like so I’ve decided to try and create one using Knitware. I’ve done a sample square –

(Photo no longer available)

so now I just need to fill in the numbers and see what I can come up with. I’m not very good at crocheting so it’s not going to be anything too complicated. I thought maybe a sweater to wear over a vest or T-shirt when the weather gets a lot warmer.

Talking of Knitware, last night I created a pattern for a sweater using the Patons Astro. As it’s going to be hand knitted I don’t know when I’ll be starting on it. I want to get Blueberry teddy finished first.

The charity scarves were parcelled up and sent off this morning. I hope they’ll be useful for whoever Sarah decides to give them to.

Talk to you later,


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