>Sweater Nearly Finished

>I’ve nearly finished the cabled sweater, it just needs sewing up now. I’ll post a photo when it’s done. The neckband was supposed to be done in a contrasting coloured mohair but I just used the 4ply because I think mohair would have been a bit irritating to wear.

I bought this for 50p the other day:

(Photo no longer available)

There’s no label in it but I’m pretty certain it’s 3ply acrylic. I’ve already started knitting a sweater with it but I’ve got a feeling there won’t be enough yarn on the cone. So I’m half expecting that I’ll be pulling it out and making something else with it (well there’s a surprise). I’m not bothered though, I mean it’s not as if I broke the bank when I bought it.

Here’s the yarn that I spun – I’ve now plied two lots of it together:

I’ll end up with another ball about the same size after I’ve spun the rest and then it will eventually end up as a scarf. It’s still a bit uneven but I suppose I’ll get better at it with a lot more practice.

Talk to you later,


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