>It’ll Do

>It’s a little bit big but it’ll do:

When you compare it to the picture from the magazine it’s pretty obvious that I should have checked my tension. But when do I ever do that?

Not much else to tell you tonight. I’ve been scanning some more of my magazines and saving them to disc. My scanner is so slow that it’s going to take ages to get them all done but it will be worth it. It will be so much easier to find what I want by looking on the disk rather than flicking through all the magazines.

I’ve done a little bit more of Blueberry teddy – only his legs to do now so it shouldn’t be too long before he’s finished.

I’ve chosen my February project and bought the wool – I’ll show you what it is tomorrow but for now I’m going to get on and do some more of this teddy.

Talk to you later,


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  1. Diane says:

    >Wow thats a really very nice jumper you've got there..If it's as cold where you are , as it is here , you're gald you made that 🙂 I'm itching to see your teddy bear when he's finished(Originally posted on 30th January 2006)

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