>There Won’t Be Enough!

>No, there won’t be enough of the multi-coloured yarn. I’ve finished the back and the front and I’m certain that there won’t be enough to do two long sleeves. So what will I do? Well I’ve wound what’s left from the cone into two balls that are more or less the same weight – give or take a few grammes – and instead of knitting the sleeves from the cuff to the shoulder, I’m going to work from the shoulder to the cuff. That way I’ll know when to stop the decreases and make the hem. I should be able to make them both the same length but I don’t know yet whether they’ll be short, elbow length or three quarter length – I’ll find out at the weekend.

Anyway, you know the new rules I made for myself? Well they’re going to get broken before I’ve even put them into action and it’s not my fault! I said that Saturdays were going to be spent washing clothes and cleaning the house. Not this week though. Why? Because I’ll be working. One of the lasses is off sick so her shifts need covering. How inconsiderate is that? (I’m only joking, it’s not her fault) But I’m only doing 10 – 2 so I’ll have the afternoon to get some of it done. I’m determined that I’m still going to stick to the rules. I’ve tried doing this before and it usually only lasts for a couple of weeks.

Must go and knit another bit of Blueberry teddy.

Talk to you later,


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