>Some Old Samples

>I was having a sort out and came across a biscuit tin full of stitch samples that I made on the Bond years ago:

I was so organised! I put little stickers on them saying the names of the stitches and I bought a ring binder and wrote out all the instructions so that I could refer back to it. Guess what – I never opened that binder again. I’ve still got it but I’ve never used it. That’s the sort of thing I do. I come up with these ideas then they get forgotten about.

I had a question from Sharon J who asked if I do all my knitting by machine. Well up to now yes, all my knitting is done by machine. I am so slow at hand knitting that I lose interest in whatever I try to make which was the reason I bought my first machine back in ’83 or ’84. There is something that I’m hand knitting though, it is the Blueberry teddy kit. I only bought it because it was a bargain at £4.99 – I never really thought I would make it, in fact I was going to sell it on ebay. But I’ve nearly finished it now so I’m quite proud of myself. I’m also going to be hand knitting a sweater in Patons Astro. I’ve tried knitting it on the machine but because of it’s texture the machine really doesn’t like it, so I created a pattern with Knitware and one day – who knows when – I will make a start on it.

Anyway, remember I said I wouldn’t have enough of the multi coloured yarn to make long sleeves? Well I think I will. You know I divided what was left into two balls, well I made one sleeve this evening, starting from the shoulder and working down to the cuff and I did it with one ball. So, in theory I should have enough to make the second sleeve. I didn’t make a hem for the cuff, I just did ribbing instead. It was a close thing though – I think I had enough yarn left from that ball to do maybe two more rows. I’ll do the second sleeve tomorrow.

If I have time tomorrow I’m hoping to get started on the Brioche rib jacket but I do have a lot to do so I’ll have to wait and see.

Talk to you later,


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