>Brioche Rib Jacket Started

>Just a quick post tonight to let you know that I’ve started the back of the Brioche rib jacket. Here’s the progress so far:

(Photo no longer available)

I had a couple of hiccups at first, I just needed to get into the rhythm of it – move the knitmaster carriage to the left with yarn, move the ribmaster carriage to the left without yarn and the knob turned to the left, turn the knob back and move the ribmaster carriage to the right with yarn, move the knitmaster carriage to the right without yarn. Sounds complicated but it’s easy once you get started. My mistake happened when I moved the ribmaster carriage first instead of the knitmaster carriage but I put it right without having to start all over again.

Here’s a close up of the rib:

I really hope I don’t make a balls up of this one. Most of the time I’m not that bothered when things go wrong but I don’t usually choose something I want to make then go out and buy the wool specially for it. I usually find the wool in a charity shop or on ebay, buy it then think “what can I make with this?” So, fingers crossed that it will turn out right.

Talk to you later,


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