>Not Much Happening

>I’ve finished the first of Blueberry teddy’s two paw pads tonight so it won’t be much longer before he’s finished. I might make a little video of him in the stages of being sewn up. I’ve got an idea in my head of what I want to do but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it. It doesn’t matter though – it’s only a bit of fun.

It looks like I’m going to have a full ball of the Popcorn yarn left over. Will that be enough to make one of those keyhole scarves? I don’t know, I’ll think of something to do with it.

I’ve started the raglan shaping on the back of the jacket. It’s a bit fiddly to do but I’m getting there. You have to put the first ribmaster stitch onto the second ribmaster needle and the first knitmaster stitch onto the second knitmaster needle. It sounds easy but the ribmaster needles are in the way when you are transferring the stitches. I need to be patient with it because I don’t want it to go wrong.

Talk to you later,


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