>Poor Teddy

>Oh, poor teddy. I’ve started sewing him together and look what I’ve done to his ears:

(Photo no longer available)
I’ve put them in the wrong place – they should be higher up. I’m sorry teddy, I didn’t mean to. You’ll get used to them though and I’m sure nobody will laugh at you. And anyway they’ll make you more unique – really they will.

The instructions say to sew him up using back stitch. Are they serious? Have you ever tried sewing this stuff up? Well I’m sorry but I’ve oversewed it – I can’t do backstitch on this, it’s so difficult to see the edges with all that ‘fur’ in the way. Besides, who’s going to see the seams? They are all hidden by the fur. Anyway, he should be finished soon.

What else? Well I’ve started the right front of the Brioche rib jacket and I’ve got as far as the armhole shaping. I’ll be doing some more of that tomorrow.

The multi-coloured sweater is just about finished, I only have to sew the neck facing down and weave in all the loose ends and that’ll be it:

It’s not bad considering it only cost me 50p for the yarn.

I’ve also cast on for the hand knitted Patons Astro sweater and I’ve done a grand total of 6 rows. Hopefully I’ll have it finished by Christmas!

So that’s all I’ve got to report. I’ll post more progress updates as they happen.

Talk to you later,


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2 Responses to >Poor Teddy

  1. Maus says:

    >Oh I think Teddy's face is wonderful! the ears look cute like that :)The sweater is cool too of course, what type of yarn was that, wool?cotton?(Originally posted on 12th February 2006)

  2. Diane says:

    >Bear face is loooooking good…can't wait till he's finished he's going to be a cutie!(Originally posted on 13th February 2006)

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