>No Knitting Today

>I haven’t done any knitting today nor have I done any more sewing up of teddy. I’ve had a splitting headache all afternoon and I just can’t be bothered to do any. I might do a couple more rows of the Patons Astro sweater later on – I don’t know yet.

Floss seems to be better today so I don’t know why she was sick last night. Maybe she ate something that she shouldn’t have but I don’t suppose I’ll ever know.

Here’s the finished 50p multi coloured sweater:

It’s not a very good photo I’m afraid. I know it’s not exactly an outstanding piece of knitwear but it’ll do for lazing about the house in or doing the gardening in or something.

Anyway, last night I thought I’d choose my March project and guess what – I looked through all my March magazines and couldn’t find anything I really wanted to make. So I’ve decided that next month I’m just going to use up some of the wool I’ve got and make some socks or something. Last summer I said I was going to try out the stitches in Susan Guagliumi’s book – maybe I’ll do that instead. Or maybe I’ll just try and finish the Patons Astro sweater or make a start on the crochet sweater. I could even work on one of the cross stitch kits that I’ve had for two or three years. At least I know I’ll never be bored!

Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll be able to make a start on one of the sleeves of the Brioche rib jacket – I know that I won’t be able to concentrate on it tonight and would probably make a mistake so I think it’s best left until tomorrow.

Talk to you later,


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