>If anyone tuned into my Knit Cam this afternoon this is what they would have seen:

(Photo no longer available)
That’s me starting to sew up the Brioche rib jacket, being watched intently by Blueberry Teddy.
I got the borders knitted without any problems so I just need to finish sewing it up. The bad news is that it’s going to be a bit small. Remember I told you I had a choice of two sizes, 32-34 or 36-38? Well I would have liked size 34-36 but I decided to go for the smaller size. I think I should have gone for the larger size. The sleeves are a bit short. The rest seems OK and as it’s just an edge-to-edge jacket with no buttons I’m not too worried about it. It’s just those damned sleeves. It might not matter too much because I usually have my sleeves pulled up but it would have been nice to have them the right length in the first place.

Not much else to tell you tonight, it’s been a pretty boring day really!

Talk to you later,


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