>I Knew They Were Too Short

>I’ve sewn up the side and sleeve seams of the Brioche rib jacket and just as I suspected, the sleeves are too short:

(Photo no longer available)
I’m not too bothered though, I’ll just pretend they’re supposed to be three quarter length sleeves and as I said in a previous post I usually pull my sleeves up anyway. I don’t know what will happen when I wash it – will it grow a bit or will it shrink a bit? Knowing my luck it will end up smaller rather than bigger. In case you don’t know from my previous entries, I usually manage to cock things up when I wash them. I never hand wash and I sometimes forget to set the machine for the woollens cycle with ‘interesting’ results.
I once knitted a sweater for Billy on the Bond and I put the Ford logo on the back. The body was light blue and the sleeves were white – it was 100% acrylic. I was washing one day and picked up all the whites for a 60 degree wash. I never realised the sweater was amongst them. Oops. When we saw the state of it after it came out of the machine we couldn’t do anything for laughing – the sleeves were about twice the length they should have been! But what can you do? Once it’s done, it’s done – you can’t undo it can you? It took me ages to knit that logo. You’d think I would have learnt my lesson but no, I never will.

So, back to the jacket. I’ll try and finish sewing the bands down tomorrow then I’ll wash it and let you see how it turns out. Fingers crossed it will be OK.

Talk to you later,


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